5 Questions for Andrew Cohen, founder of Brainscape

Do you consider yourself a dedicated flashcard user? If so, just how dedicated are you? Some people are satisfied simply using flashcards, knowing that they are an efficient study tool for a variety of learning. Others may try to get their friends hooked. Then there is Andrew Cohen, who went the extra step towards spreading the word about flashcards. Several years ago, the idea for Brainscape was born out of necessity: He needed a smart study tool that did not exist, so he created it. His intelligent flashcard software took off; six years after it was born Brainscape offers hundreds of decks on a wide variety of subjects that are being studied by over a million users across the globe on both web and mobile. Continue reading


Guest blog: Flashcard Learning with Children

This article was originally written by me as a guest post for EdGeeks, a great educational blog. Marisa Kaplan published it two weeks ago, you can see the article here. Check out the site for some great tips and thoughts on technology and education today.

Are you a parent? A teacher? An educator? Then I assume you are always on the lookout for new ways to teach and engage. Educational games and practices pop up constantly and it can be hard to weigh the benefits or to determine the right way to use a learning tool, simply because there is so much information out there and so many products vie for attention. On my blog I focus on flashcards, an area I know quite well, so why not take the time to help you untangle some of the web surrounding this study tool for you? Continue reading

Flashcards on Web and Mobile

Probably the greatest benefit of flashcards – as I have mentioned in previous articles – is the fact that they lend themselves to quick revision anywhere at any time. To make use of that, flashcards should be mobile. For the most part, paper flashcards already fulfill this requirement: A small stack can be carried in any purse or pocket without too much trouble. And voil√†, whenever you find yourself waiting in line, or with nothing to do on the ride home or waiting for your friend who’s always running late, you’ll have something engaging – and educational! – to fill your time. No better way to bridge a gap in your day. Continue reading

Converting non-Users to Flashcard Enthusiasts

Everyone has their very own unique study method and tools – which is exactly the way it should be. Different students have to take different approaches to learn efficiently and make their way in school/university/life. But the important thing is: You have to try different things to find out what really works for you. Who knows, maybe that one technique or tool that always seemed so tedious turns out to be just perfect for you! That being said: Even if you hate flashcards, give them a chance. Someone with a mission to optimize learning so it will one day be as efficient as possible could actually change your mind. Continue reading

Practice Makes Perfect: a Flashcard Infographic

Are you a fan of infographics? Well, whether you like them or not, there is no escaping them in this day and age. It seems like a new one pops up every other week with the sole goal of informing you on a trending topic. Facts and figures disguised as pretty pictures seem to be quite popular and personally, I enjoy this trend. There’s just something about reading an interesting fact or relevant numbers on the topic of your choice spiced up with a fun comparison or witty picture. All that said, I was thrilled that Course Hero decided to give flashcards the infographic treatment. Check it out below and be amazed at the genius of flashcards! Continue reading

Reading Disentangled – The Beginnings of Flashcards

We all know and use flashcards as a common and effective study tool for memorizing information. The ‘traditional’ flashcard is an empty rectangular piece of lined or checkered paper or carton that allows for notes to be written down. Finished cards can also be bought for a wide variety of subjects. In the 21st century, flashcards, like other paper sources, are slowly being replaced by electronic devices that offer the same features. As it’s common knowledge, you were already well aware of all of this. Continue reading

Teaching with Flashcards?

For many students, flashcards are an important and everyday part of the learning experience. As a teacher, you may be either a fan of using flashcards or more skeptical to the idea. The latter largely stems from misconceptions about the use of flashcards or a lack of truly knowing what to do with them in a classroom setting.

While they are not truly a means of instruction, flashcards can be utilized by teachers in a number of ways. One important factor to consider is that assigning flashcards to a learner can in fact be an encouragement to study later: If the material is readily available, why not take a quick look to brush up on the material? Below is a re-post of an article written for the Brainscape blog, which takes a closer look at some assumptions about flashcards and teaching. Read on to learn more.

Continue reading

How to Learn with Flashcards: 3 Steps

Do you really need a guide to teach you how to study using flashcards? Well, I don’t know; do you? Yes, the concept is simple and I will not try to – or be able to – revolutionize it in this article: You read the question/prompt on one side, (try to) recall the answer on the second side and move on. Simple.

The steps I propose focus more on the overall study process than the singular act of reviewing one card. How, when and where do you use flashcards, or more importantly: how should you do it? Continue reading

5 Golden Rules for Creating Great Flashcards

There is much to be said on the topic of how to create strong and efficient flashcards. After all, that is the whole point of this website. But we need to start somewhere, and what better way to begin than by giving you the ultimate guide to creating something truly useful and valuable. So without further ado, here are 5 golden rules to help you get the most out of your flashcards. Continue reading

The Reason for Flashcards

What better way to kick off a blog with than writing about what you will, from now on, spend a good part of your time writing about? If you’ve come to this blog you probably came with the hope of finding advice, guidance or maybe just a few useful tips. I can give you that. But what I can also give to you is a reason, an answer to that big ‘WHY?’ that still seems to surround flashcards.Why would anyone devote an entire website to them? Why are they an effective study tool? And lastly but most importantly: Why, oh why, would anyone ever even use them? Continue reading