About Me

An entire blog about flashcards. Why such dedication? The first and most obvious answer is that I love flashcards and I believe in them. Despite all criticism and moaning about how useless and bothersome they are, I know that they work. How do I know? Because I use flashcards. And I have made it my goal to educate you on best practices.

But who am I?

I work with flashcards. I create flashcards. I talk to people about flashcards. Because of this I have a huge interest and a constantly increasing knowledge in the field. Why not bundle that knowledge – and find others who might want to or be able to contribute to it – and share it with you?

On this website, I will share my knowledge on my area of expertise: flashcards. It will be my task and my mission to answer any question that may arise, as well as those you never even thought to ask. Flashcards are my life, thus I shall be your Flashcards Guru.

Writing for this blog is Isabell Collet, affiliated with Brainscape.


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