Converting non-Users to Flashcard Enthusiasts

Everyone has their very own unique study method and tools – which is exactly the way it should be. Different students have to take different approaches to learn efficiently and make their way in school/university/life. But the important thing is: You have to try different things to find out what really works for you. Who knows, maybe that one technique or tool that always seemed so tedious turns out to be just perfect for you! That being said: Even if you hate flashcards, give them a chance. Someone with a mission to optimize learning so it will one day be as efficient as possible could actually change your mind.

You may have heard of Brainscape, a web and mobile learning platform that allows you to study and create intelligent flashcards. Founder Andrew Cohen has made it his mission to make learning easier for everyone and his app might just be the way to go.

The Two Types of Flashcard Users in School

As the founder and CEO of Brainscape, I have had numerous conversations over the past two years about flashcards’ effectiveness as a study tool. I find it amazing how passionate people can be about flashcards! Some people recall their schooldays spent making flashcards quite nostalgically, while others remember having avoided flashcards like the plague. My own challenge as Brainscape’s founder has been creating an online flashcard platform that appeals to both types of learners.

Targeting the flashcard-loving type has been the easier part. Brainscape’s convenient deck-creation platform allows flashcard enthusiasts to author, sort, and study their cards much in the same way that they would naturally with paper cards. In fact, it offers even greater functionality than regular flashcards by enabling the addition of web images, uploaded sounds, and even user-recorded sounds on each flashcard, and allowing the user to [eventually] export their decks to their iPhone. Eliminating the need to carry around cumbersome decks of physical flashcards is a huge quality-of-life improvement for people who already appreciate the benefits of flashcards.

The real challenge has been creating a flashcard platform that even flashcard-haters can even get behind. And the way we do that is to make using flashcards require much less work! That means less work creating them, and less work studying them. We save time on the flashcard creation efforts by offering a huge marketplace of our own premium flashcard packages, and by allowing users toshare decks in collaborative study groups and thereby distribute the authoring tasks evenly among many people. We save time studying flashcards through our automated confidence-based repetitionprocess, which ensures you are reviewing concepts in a pattern tailored specifically to your brain. No longer do you have to waste time flipping through flashcards that you already know.

I’ll know that Brainscape has truly succeeded when even the world’s flashcard-haters have recognized that our platform is the most effective way to study.

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