Blog Guide

Welcome to Flashcards Guru! If you have stumbled across this website and are unsure what it is all about, below is a short guide that will help you start navigating the blog.

What will I find on here?

As you browse, you will find quite a number of articles revolving around the different aspects of flashcards. Questions that have been – or will be – answered include:

  • How do you create good flashcards?
  • How should you use them?
  • What kinds of flashcards are there?
  • What tools are available? What games, apps, websites?
  • Who can use flashcards?
  • How do I use flashcards for children/in school/as an adult?

Where should I start?
To further help you find your way on this blog and into the subject matter, here are three good articles to start with:

  1. Creating Flashcards: 5 Golden Rules
    As the title says, this guide will help you with the creation of flashcards. Follow my five golden rules.
  2. Learning with Flashcards: 3 Steps
    Now that you have created these amazing flashcards, you need to know what to do with them. Read, then try to follow these three steps.
  3. Teaching with Flashcards
    Are you a teacher and like to use flashcards? Or are you a skeptic instead? This article explores the use of flashcards as a means of instruction.

After that feel free to peruse all other pages and posts that you come across.

How often should I check in for new articles?
First of all, if you like the site, you should naturally subscribe to get notifications on any new article. And follow me on Twitter. And like me on Facebook.  Beyond that, this site is supposed to be a slowly growing archive with any tips and infos on flashcards you can imagine. New articles will most likely be posted on a (bi-)weekly basis.

Thank you for visiting and do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions.


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